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Innovative Dahua Roadshows Showcase the Power of Technology to Customers

After a series of successful roadshows held in the third quarter of 2018, Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, once again demonstrated its cutting-edge technologies and leading position in the security industry to the world through its distinctive roadshows in the fourth quarter.

Dahua Starlight Show in Lithuania

The “Starlight show” aims to teach customers how to use existed resources and tools to increase the competitivity of Dahua brand in the market. For this event, the Dahua team designed a new display method based on the needs of customers, combining the highlights of products and programs while displaying the functional characteristics of products and programs, thus increasing customer participation and interaction.

As the name of “Starlight show” comes from the Dahua Starlight Camera family, the latest sample camera IPC-HDBW4239R-ASE with its full-color starlight function was displayed, which greatly impressed the customers. Combined with the Dahua ePoE switch and UTP cable, this model presented the latest Dahua technologies tailored for cost-effective applications. To provide a vivid and impressive presentation for customers, our team shot a video with camera IPC-HDBW4239R-ASE one day before the show in Lithuania and used pickled cucumber, to show how wonderful our UTP cable works for long distance. Additionally, our trainer also showcased the panoramic vision of the PFW8802 and perfectly demonstrated its IR function after the lights were turned off.

After the show, the customers were excited to contact our local distributors for all the products we introduced in the show and meanwhile, many distributors were attracted to join our co-marketing partner programs.

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